This anime original saga from Boruto: Naruto the next generations shocked viewers with a staggering number of deaths, something the show hadn't gotten us used to. After Boruto's farewell to Kagura, the war between ninjas and pirates in episode 248 leads to the sad death of two other characters.

After that Denki and Iwabei are kidnapped, the two children they had brought to the orchard run back to warn the others. Team 7 ninjas, final three Swordsmen of the Mist and Metal Lee rearrange ideas and defenses. However, Funamushi Funato decides to attack his enemies at dawn before Araumi intervenes to get his pirates back to safety.

So the decisive fight begins with the first light of the new day, but the ninja, who are divided into pairs, are immediately in trouble by the overwhelming number of pirates. Boruto and Kawaki are tasked with confronting Funamushi to avenge his partner Seiren.

With a "brilliant intuition", Boruto understands that his art of lightning is superior to the art of water of the enemy brought to his knees. Before he can be defeated, however, the battlefield is rocked by a heavy downpour. Taking advantage of the large amount of water available that Pirate unleashes a jutsu that overpowers the scenario.

With the cooperation of all his companions, Boruto manages to defeat Funamushi with a rasen goose. However, in a subtle way, the pirate takes the Hokage's son from behind. Before he can kill him like he did Kagura, Buntan stabs Funamushi to death. The fight is over but in the fight he lost his life Hebiichigo, much to the chagrin of Metal Lee. Rock Lee's son breaks down in tears, bringing us back to the memory of Boruto's scream that went viral.

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