In the past few weeks, the round-up became one of the next episodes of Pokémon exploration There it was reported that a Pikachu would evolve into Raichu, and fans immediately thought of the Pokémon that always accompanied the protagonist Ash, and were surprised by the events of the last episode.

As expected, Ash and Gou head towards a small area that is home to many Pikachu Gou is determined to have one on the team. Once we have established a good relationship with a lively Pikachu woman, we see a scene that has left everyone, including the protagonists, holding their breath.

In the sequence in question, reported by @ChickoritaCheez in the video at the bottom of the page, we see Ash and Gou's two Pikachu chasing each other. An important element is the presence of a pietratuono, Mineral that is able to evolve certain types of Pokémon through contact and when ready. After chasing each other for a while, the two monsters land behind a boulder and after an intense glow we see Raichu come on stage.

Given the concerned looks from Ash and Gou, we then see the two Pikachu chasing each other in the distance, which makes us understand that Raichu's appearance was a simple coincidence. Recall that little Riolu won over the fans of the series and that episode 4 suffered from censorship in the west.

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