EIN PIECE 940: Anger, laughter and sadness accompany the execution in the new trailer

Who is really Tonoyasu? This old man was at the center of the final installments of ONE PIECE. From a figure that was inserted next to Zoro almost by chance and was constantly in the background while the protagonists discussed their plans, he became a figure who actually wanted to take part in the great chessboard of Wanokuni.

Minute by minute, the anime, produced by Toei Animation, revealed more and more details about Tonoyasu's true identity. This man is now at the center of an execution led by Orochi and it seems that many events await us in the next episode of ONE PIECE. The ONE PIECE 940 trailer What you can see below shows that the crucified man will again be the focus of the next episode, but it doesn't look good for him considering the firing squad is right below him.

Even so, he doesn't stop smiling, even when Orochi will arrive with a rifle in hand. Meanwhile, Zoro, Luffy, and other good characters like Ashuradoji are full of anger over what is happening. Little Otoko also tries to reach her father with tears and laughter. Finally, Zoro can be seen in the midst of a laughing crowd. What will these scenes mean?

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