Dragon Ball: Goku and the Turtle Genius will be two new action figures

We return to talk about goods dedicated to Dragon Ball: this time we point out two action figures related to the first adventures of Goku and the other characters of the written and drawn by Akira Toriyama.

At the bottom of the news, you can find the tweet from the Twitter account @MundoKame, where you can see a photo of the new characters dedicated to the topic Goku and the genius of the turtles: The two actually ride a motorcycle. The protagonist of the series, who wears the suit of the students of the Turtle School, holds his famous red cane in his hand, while his former martial arts master is more "civilian". The two action figures are 15 cm high and can be pre-ordered in the next few days, even if we don't know the price of the two statuettes yet.

The many fans of Akira Toriyama's work have welcomed the new action figures from Great design studioWe are sure that fans of the story of Goku and other Saiyajins will have a remarkable success.

If you're looking for other collectibles, we recommend this statuette, which focuses on two famous characters from Dragon Ball as the series continues to release the color books, a series that has already arrived Buu saga.

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