The countdown that will take us to one of the most anticipated series of this 2020 Finale is now almost over. on arrival from The Attack of the Giants: Final Season There are only a few hours left. As the clock progresses, we discover images and a summary of the second episode of this season.

Coming to Italy streaming on VVVVID and Amazon Prime Video and created by Studio MAPPA, despite the few episodes available, the fourth season of the work of Hajime Isayama will complete Eren's adventure, Mikasa and Armin. And after admiring the new illustration for Attack of the Giants 4, let's enjoy the first great pictures and recap of the second episode.

As reported by Insider @Spytrue's Twitter profile in this episode A long war will finally end. ""The four-year war between the Marley government and the Allied Forces of the Middle East is over. However, the loss of two giants in the Marley government shows that this was marked by the rule of all by the power of the giants that was coming to an end. To compensate for the fact that other nations are trying to develop anti-giant weapons, Zeke Jaeger advises his superiors on a mysterious plan".

The image reported by the user, portrays Zeke in pain and almost amazed. How are you going to block the new anti-giant technologies? We are waiting to find out. Here is the season four poster of The Attack of the Giants.

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