Wonder Woman: presents Nubia, the Amazon protagonist of a new necklace

After the edition dedicated to the origins of Wonder Woman, here is the design of the new character, called Nubia, which will debut during the "DC Future State" event scheduled for early 2021.

You can see a first picture of Nubia at the end of the news, an Amazon that made its debut during the volumes of the series entitled "Future state: Immortal wonder woman", Available at next January 19, 2021. The comic is written by Michael W. Conrad, known for his work in "Doom Patrol"and Becky Cloonan, already known for"Gotham Academy"Here is a brief description of the series Wonder woman: "The undo is coming. Many years have passed since the Age of Heroes, few friends of Princess Diana survived, and most of her sisters also died. Now comes a new threat that even the mighty Darkseids cannot defeat, and it is Wonder Woman's job to deal with it! It will be an action-packed fantasy story set at the end of time".

Then he continues: "Things kept getting worse on Paradise Island and Nubia has found a new home in the human world. Now it will have the task of protecting it from mythological and magical opponents.". I look forward to more information about the next one DC Comics EventsWe leave you with this cosplay dedicated to Wonder Woman.

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