Bleach: How does Suzumebachi’s power, Soifon’s weapon, work?

We figured out who the ten strongest characters in Bleach are. Now let's talk about the powers Soifon displayed in the episodes of the show Story of Ichigo and his many allies.

As you know Zanpakuto from Soifon, called suzumebachi, has two different shapes when activated, the first resembling a long stab glove: the first blow of the blade creates a butterfly-shaped tattoo on the body of Soifon's opponent, a second blow in the same point would kill his rival cause regardless of its strength.

The second form of Suzumebachi, usable by activating the Bankai and called "Jakuho Raikoben"Instead, she has a very different power: Soifon's weapon becomes a cannon covering her arm, along with a guard over her face that allows her to fire a rocket with spiritual energy. Soifon can only use it once. A second shot completely exhausts his strength.The captain of the second company of Gotei 13 is one of the most popular characters of fans of Show by Tite KuboAs shown by the numerous fan works of art and cosplay dedicated to Bleachs Soifon. Finally, remember that a new Bleach anime series is in the works.

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