The DC Comics Event of the Year continues on the pages of Future state: Dark Detective, a story in a dystopian future where Gotham City is ruled by the mad magistrate. Joshua Williamson's second volume, drawn by Giannis Milonogiannis, takes readers through sensational revelations, sudden returns and painful goodbyes.

Future state: Dark Detective # 2 sees the return of Jason Todd like the Red Hood, but the former Robin is now an ally of the magistrate police force and his job is to hunt down other superheroes. But on his way he comes across the Red Hood Gang, led by a mysterious man.

In this new series, Jason works with Deathstroke's daughter Rose Wilson to fight the gang that actually acts as the modern day Robin Hoods. When Ravager splits a member of the Red Hood Gang in half, the duo discover that the technology in his helmet is the same that belonged to Jervis Techt, also known as Mad Hatter. But when Red Hood and Rose make their way to the villain's old hideout, they discover this techt It's a bunch of bones now.

The volume ends when you exit several open questions: Who Killed the Mad Hatter and uses their technology to control the Red Hood Gang? An early answer to these questions can be found in the Future State: Dark Detective # 4 recap.

""After the events of the last chapter, Jason Todd is a wanted person. He got too close to the secret of the new Red Hood gang and this forced the magistrate to take extreme measures as no one can know the truthBruce Wayne appears to have escaped death in Future State: Dark Detective. A terrifying new alternate version of Bruce Wayne makes its debut in Batman: Black and White.

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