Dragon Ball Super It is never afraid of creating new enemies and the series has no intentions to stop. Indeed a new arch has started and at the moment it seems impressive. The story would follow events immediately after Moro's defeat.

The new villain Granolah wants to get stronger and stronger. Granolah is the last of its kindand blames the Saiyans directly for the trauma he went through as a child. Freeza is on the list too, and Granolah plans to take revenge and confirmed it at the end of Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super.

Fans are shown how the villain flees a battle once his enemies are eliminated. That's where Granolah admits he's not strong enough to fight Freeza right nowbut it will be successful very soon.

""I missed one of the goalsAdmits the bad guy. ""I'm still not powerful enough to defeat Freeza. To avenge the cerealians I lost, he has to become stronger than anyone."" Dragon Ball Super wouldn't make those promises if it couldn't keep them.

The oracle fish says that the balance in universe 7 is shifting as its strongest warrior is about to be born. If Granolah is the target of this prophecy, then Goku has a lot to fear because it was his people who wiped out the grain race.

Can Cell get the golden form of Freeza if we wonder about Granolah's fate? What would Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 look like with Saiyan armor?

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