A lot has changed in the Japanese comic market in recent years. The Demon Slayer phenomenon has led to this End of ONE PIECE's reign, who was the undisputed king of the sales charts for 20 years. 2019 saw Manga's victory over Demon Hunter, and 2020 saw Demon Slayer's new victory.

As of this year, ONE PIECE has never managed to regain the first position and has actually been overtaken by several manga that have ridden the wave of success. This year, ONE PIECE is not in the top 3, but there is a specific ranking that keeps it in the top. In fact, the series counted by Oricon looks at the overall result of the series over the course of the year, taking into account all volumes, even those not published during the financial year. The ranking published by Artur looks like this instead ONE PIECE in first place in the ranking of volumes published in 2022.

  1. ONE PIECE: 7,540,102 copies;
  2. Jujutsu Kaisen: 5,513,535 copies;
  3. Tokyo Revengers: 5,087,576 copies;
  4. Spy x Family: 3,165,634 copies;
  5. My Hero Academia: 3,031,713 copies.

It is immediately obvious how ONE PIECE would undermine the manga in the top 3 if only sales of volumes published in the most recent Japanese fiscal year with corresponding sales were counted. In the meantime, however, Jujutsu Kaisen has also beaten ONE PIECE in the ranking of the individual volumes, albeit narrowly.

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