From their first appearance, the Nomu have proven to be a threat that even All Might cannot underestimate. In the new chapter of My hero academia These disturbing beings have become more powerful than ever.

During the violent confrontation with the Pro Heroes were the members of the Union of Villains supported by Nomu, non-sentient horrors created in the laboratory. But if they had already shown their danger in the past, this time the heroes have to deal with high-end versions, the "high-end Nomu".

Careful analysis of this powerful Monster created by Doctor Garaki it was offered to us by Mirio, who returned in chapter 294 of My Hero Academia to play the role of Lemillion thanks to little Eri's rewinding quirk.

According to the young hero, these are high-end nomu You are much more powerful compared to those faced in the past. Only that of Endeavor and Hawks in Kyushu is comparable to these new versions. Mirio is about to master his peculiarity and is aware of it. He is facing his most difficult fight. Will the heroes be able to stop the high-end nomu? While waiting to find out, the reason Mr. Compress feels a grudge against the Pro Heroes of My Hero Academia has been revealed.

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