Dragon Ball Z: Was Supreme Gohan Too Arrogant?  Let’s talk about!

Through thick and thin, Gohan is one of the most controversial characters in Dragon Ball Z. Goku's son is often referred to as the world's most powerful warrior, but his passion for study and love for Videl have banished him to becoming a missed opportunity. Even during his prime, Gohan made serious mistakes; Let's find out.

In the early stages of the Buu saga, Gohan is introduced as a learned boy who wants to fight crime in an absurd superhero costume. The Gohan who met Perfect Cell during the clash seems to be a distant memory. However, the appearance of Super Buu admitted a new opportunity to the young Saiyan.

The debut of Supreme Gohan had deceived the publicwho hoped to see Buu tear it apart with a few hits. Unfortunately for Goku's eldest son, things turned out differently. When Super Buu seemed about to give up, the antagonist self-destructs to come up with a new strategy: absorb Gotenk's Super Saiyan 3. Naively gives Gohan Gotenks the chance to fight Super Buu, but he manages to achieve his goal.

But why didn't Gohan forbid the two boys from teaming up with Super Buu and fighting? The boy made a mistake his father often makes: don't end the bad guy when you get the chance. Gohan has sinned with arroganceThe Saiyan was often far superior to his opponents, but his gestures have always doomed him.

Buu had killed almost the entire human population, including Gohan's mother and fiancΓ©; Letting Goten and Trunks fight was unforgivable. However, the fault does not lie with Gohan alone, the he was not aware of the ability Absorption of his rival. Kaioshin, watching the battle from his planet, should have thought of the boy. Dragon Ball Z's Saiyan saga was recreated in computer graphics. In true Halloween style, a fanart of a Dragon Ball Z antagonist has arrived.

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