ONE PIECE It's a huge world full of characters. Additionally, thanks to its boundless fame, the universe created by Eiichiro Oda has not only received spin-offs in anime and comic collateral, but also a lot of merchandising. Key rings, cups, mats, but above all action figures and statuettes.

The latter are made in many sizes and of course at a different price. There are € 300 figures like Mihawk's and then more expensive ones like the € 900 Boa Hancock statue. Manga Mexico warns of roughly the same price and character group as ONE PIECE and warns fans of Manga and Anime that a new statuette for Bartholomäus Kuma.

Jimei Palace company has opened pre-orders for this new creation, the photos of which are available in the tweet below. For the price of 880 euros without shipping, you will receive the epic Bartholomew Kuma, here referred to as PX-0, or the original Pacifist in March 2021. With its famous devil fruit we fight against some unfortunate pirates who have no chance. With a robot base, Kuma stands with all of his disproportionate physique and in particular, while attacking with his left and right hands, he is holding the usual Bible.

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