Now is the time to leave Molo's raids on the universe behind and give space to the new narrative arc Dragon Ball Super. As we announced yesterday, the new manga saga will begin with chapter 67, some details of which only leaked a few minutes ago.

In fact, for a few minutes, a leak reported on the net finally revealed the name of the new Dragon Ball Super narrative arc, which "Cereal Survivor Saga"The Insiders also reported a teaser for Chapter 67, which you can see at the bottom of the news, that tells us about new characters.

The video in question begins with the cover of V-Jump magazine, which is devoted to a with great fanfare Goku Ultra Perfect Isinto. Then some scenes return to what we saw with the first spoilers of Chapter 67 of Dragon Ball Super or with the post-Molo celebrations. Everything suddenly changes when a new take shows something falling into the crater formed at the site of Molo's death, reaching the remains of Android 73's head. Yanba is with Jaco and explains to the galactic patrol that something unpleasant could happen if # 73 is not completely destroyed.

The scene changes back to a mysterious man named granola (or Granla) and her invisible partner oatmeal (Name has yet to be confirmed). We'll likely learn more about the saga during Jump Festa 2021 this weekend. As for you, what do you expect from this story arc instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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