The publication of the chapters of One blow manWe now know, it is constantly evolving. More than ever, at a time when the pandemic was destabilizing the routine of most manga writers, they had to rethink their working methods to deal with the emergency.

Yusuke Murata, through his latest Twitter post, updated readers on the publication of the next chapter of One-Punch-Man, 133:

"The latest chapter of One-Punch-Man will be released next week. We will provide you with further updates the next time it is released."

Murata was put to the test with chapter 132, to have to illustrate the struggle between Psykosis and Tatsumaki. As usual, the artist's efforts led to an extraordinary production. The artist has been working on the next release for more than two weeks. Even in this case, there are all prerequisites for experiencing a glittering conclusion to the collision.

One-Punch-Man: Murata shows how to work on a manga during the time of COVID-19. Indeed, Sensei recently took part in an interview with his four employees, explaining how to deal with the emergency. A one-punch man fan actually imagined the hero king through artificial intelligence and achieved an impressive result.

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