The protagonists of Dragon Ball Super are in great danger. Now there seems to be no escape for Goku and his companions after Molo has reached a new level by absorbing the Android 73 in which he hid part of his power to be used as an emergency backup in the event that something serious is happening. And the absorption was successful.

We have not only got a new form, but also the finale of Dragon Ball Super 61Molo also got the powers of Android. This means that he acquired the ability to copy others’ techniques, an ability that had caused several headaches in Gohan and Piccolo. In the android’s body, this ability was limited to copying three powers that should be used individually and for a maximum of 30 minutes.

During this new fight, Molo Vegetas absorbs powers by grabbing his neck, but the evil Dragon Ball Super can’t miss it Now the 30 minute limit has been removedand left the other warriors amazed. If Molo was extremely powerful at first, Toyotaro and Toriyama now seem to have decided to give him additional skills that make him unbeatable. In fact, Goku was seriously injured, as was Piccolo, while everyone else was lying on the carpet.

What will happen in the next Dragon Ball Super arc?

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