The previous chapter of Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegale He had left us at the final table with an incredible cliffhanger, suggesting that Kazuho Haneyama, aka Pop Step, one of the main characters, had died because he had been hit in the heart by a bullet fired by number six.

The Chapter 82Koichi was recently released and immediately shows us how we can stop Kazuho's fall with his Quirk and save her before she lands. Pop Step is alive, but still seems to have difficulty breathing. One particular quirk would be enough to save her, but this is not part of Number Six's plans to kill her otherwise.

The villain actually reveals to Koichi that he didn't hit Kazuho with a real bullet but with him A special syringe with a drug that you can use to control bees from the Quirk Queen Bee, which currently belongs to Kazuho, ​​and then kills some so that she feels tremendous pain.

Pop Step may still be alive, but the bees respond to the contents of the syringe by defending themselves or even destroying themselves directly. Certainly an unpredictable move by the show's main opponent, but we know that Endeavor was able to intervene at any timeand proves to be much more brutal than its current version, which can be seen in the regular series.

Recall that a Batman Easter egg appeared on the My Hero Academia Illegals website and a fan imagined what Koichi would look like in the anime.

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