Shaman King: The new digital editions have been delayed

A few days ago, Kodansha Comics USA announced the arrival of the entire Manga series Shaman king. Unfortunately we have to wait a little longer to be able to use this version: the publisher has actually decided to postpone its availability in order to make small improvements.

You can read below the translation of Kodansha Comics USA official statements::

"To provide Shaman King with the production quality it deserves and to give its fans the best possible experience, Kodansha USA Publishing regrets announcing a delay in the release date of the digital edition. We sincerely apologize for this suspension of the last minute we also know how excited the fans of this release are that they appreciate the bottom line. "

The publisher will also apply the shift to the digital versions of the sequels and spin-offs by Shaman King: Shaman King Zero, Flowers, Super Star and Red Crimson. A decision that preserves the original fan experience so they don't accidentally come across one of these versions before reading the main work.

Despite the statements published on his website Kodansha did not comment on the new release dates for the various editions of Shaman King. The good news is that digital transfer will have no impact on the paper versions that are expected to hit the market in 2021 and 2022.

A new Shaman King anime is coming, the release date and the first trailer are available. Discover the shaman king's manga and wait for the next cartoon series.

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