For several weeks, the Chainsaw Man manga has been going into the second part, leading the readers to meet new characters. However, the debut of the anime series takes us back to the first, historical enemy. Remember Who is the first antagonist of Chainsaw Man?

Making an outstanding debut, the first episode of Chainsaw Man introduces viewers to Denji and his friend Pochita. The boy lives in distress in a dirty and uninhabitable house. This is due to the debts his father left him after his suicide. To the repay the debt Denji was forced to sell his organs and work as a devil hunter for his loan shark. However, he still owes the yakuza boss a lot of money.

Denji is what you could call the perfect little dog, he doesn't ask questions or protest against any kind of job. Nevertheless, one day his creditor lures him into a trap. This happens because of the appearance of the first antagonist in Tatsuki Fujimoto's storylinethe devil zombie.

Deep hatred of the Devil Hunters leads to the Devil Zombie deceive the men of the yakuza and bring them under his control with a pact. Turned into zombies ready to obey the devil's will, numerous undead criminals overrun Denji and kill him.

But even Denji, now dead and in pieces, manages to squeeze one Pact with his pochita. The boy is reborn as a chainsaw man and in a few moments rips both the zombie devil and his slaves to shreds. Shortly thereafter, the Chainsaw Man receives a special proposal. As a reader of the manga series, do you still remember the identity of the very first antagonist?

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