Since arriving at the scene of the crime, the epic has been de The attack of the giants has managed to capture millions upon millions of fans from all over the world, first through print production and then through animated adaptation, a job that continues in its exciting race for the final chat.

In the meantime, however, the target audience is only increasing - as evidenced by the increasingly disproportionate number of cosplay and fan art on the web - which has obviously led various companies to create themed gadgets specially designed to tease the most ardent disc of readers and spectators.

Among the many there are also the guys from LC Studio, who recently stood in the spotlight thanks to a spectacular statue under the motto The Attack of the Giants and were specially dedicated to the famous Levi Ackerman. As can be clearly seen from the pictures at the end of the news, the product is characterized by great attention to detail and shows a Levi was still stained with the blood of the giant he just eliminated to catch his breath right on his head. The statue is reportedly made available at a price of $ 319 excluding shipping. However, the release date and opening date of pre-orders are not yet specified.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that in the past few days it has become known that the 132nd chapter of the attack of the giants is finally over.

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