Cell, Dr. Frost's most terrifying creation was conceived as the perfect fighter and for this reason it combines the DNA of the Saiyans, Nameks and the alien race of Freeza. So thanks to its properties if it were to return Dragon Ball Super it could get even more powerful, just like Golden Freeza.

In its imperfect forms, Cell can do this absorb other living beings dramatically increase its strength through osmosis. In Dragon Ball Z, we saw how he built in # 17 and # 18 to achieve the creepy perfect shape that almost destroyed the earth before Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan 2 to stop him.

Cell also has another innate property. Thanks to the Saiyan DNA cells present in his body, the fearsome antagonist becomes stronger and stronger when it is Deathbed. Taking advantage of the Namekian regeneration factor, Cell could be shot by his little Cell Jr.s and then become stronger.

But Cell owns that too Freeza's DNA, as we saw through a short training session, managed to get the golden form. Could Cell do it through exercise? In theory this would be possible. In the saga dedicated to him, we never see him bother to train, on the other hand Cell was programmed to follow certain instructions, such as absorbing the androids or killing Goku.

Cell is a highly intelligent being, however, and if he were brought back to life one day in Dragon Ball Super, he would have to train consciously to reach the combat level of Goku and Vegeta. Golden Cell would be even stronger than Freeza's golden counterpart and would take on Super Saiyan Blue. But would it hold a candle to the Ultra Perfect Instinct? Who knows that this theory will not be confirmed in the future by a hypothetical film called "The Exurrection of C". To learn more about the character, here are 5 secrets about Cell's body in Dragon Ball Z. Meanwhile, the proceeds keep dropping as a sequel to Dragon Ball Super approaches.

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