The appearance of the Otsutsuki gave a sensational turn to events Boruto: Naruto the next generations. The fight with Momoshiki actually left the protagonist with a heavy legacy, the mysterious Karma Seal, and in a sense, this event brought Boruto closer to his father.

As we could see in the final arc of the manga, Karma can Momoshiki through the seal Take control of the body from Boruto. When the young ninja runs out of chakra, the Otsutsuki manages to get out of his subconscious and lose control. In addition, the seal apparently slowly transforms the son of the seventh Hokage into a heavenly being.

These properties of the karma seal are particularly reminiscent of the initial relationship between the Nine Tail Fox and Naruto. As the Carrying Force raged, Kurama "broke" the seal of the Fourth Hokage and took control of Naruto's body, unleashing all of his murderous anger.

So in a sense, Momoshiki and Kurama They had the same goal. Although the nine-tailed fox has learned to respect Naruto, it seems very unlikely that Boruto will somehow find a deal with his sadistic alien parasite. At the moment, the most likely path for the young ninja seems to be to move away from loved ones so as not to lose control. In Boruto 54, Momoshiki put Sasuke's dark promise to the test. The connection between the son of the seventh Hokage and the Otsutsuki grows stronger and stronger in Boruto 54.

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