No surprises in this early fall season 2022: The most popular anime with viewers is chainsaw man. The work, produced by MAPPA Studio, had already been presented with several trailers that showed excellent animations. Now that Chainsaw Man has arrived at Episode 1x04, we've had confirmation of the goodness of the product.

Fans love literally everything from the animated adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto: from animations to dubbing, traversing the ever-changing endings. The fourth ending of Chainsaw Man, in particular, was a huge hit and put the spotlight on the Majin. perfomance.

After that start with a bang, Keisuke SeshitaMAPPA Animation Producer, answered some questions from shueishaand reveal why the studio didn't enlist outside help for the anime Chainsaw Man and what made it possible. Here is his interview with the Japanese publisher:

Interlocutor: "Why did MAPPA decide to invest 100% of the production costs in Chainsaw Man out of their own pocket instead of adopting a system where multiple companies invest in the production costs?

Seshita: "We had this idea of ​​wanting in the back of our minds Make Chainsaw Man look his bestto stay true to the manga. After discussing what kind of group to start, we thought that if we invested everything in ourselves, we could have more freedom of expression. That doesn't mean it costs less to produce. Our goal is to bring viewers Chainsaw Man in the best possible form. To achieve this, I thought it would be better to create cool stuff just with Shueisha next to us, without bringing multiple leaders together and creating content with different ideas mixed together."

I: "The fact that 12 different artists performed the closing themes weekly was only possible because they were directly funded by MAPPA, right?"

S: "Yes, when we released the first teaser in June 2021, we were contacted by many music labels. While we were deciding different options for the ending, the director said nakayama He told us: "I want to find an ending that is close to the content of each story"When I was thinking about what to do, the company (MAP) said, 'With this crew, it's possible to change the ending of every episode.' And so it was done. However, I thought it wouldn't be interesting if the final video of each episode stayed the same, and that's how the debate arose about a possible change in the closing theme for each episode. When I spoke to the director and staff that worked on Chainsaw Man, they said, "Let's do it, so we were able to make each ending exclusive."

What do you think of the choice study MAP running a production like Chainsaw Man in solitude?

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