A month has passed since the spring season began and it will be another two months before the summer season anime arrives. However, we can already deliver an important result, which is that despite the many products carried over - some even as important as Kaguya-sama and Rising of the Shield Hero - it is Spy x Family to be the master.

The anime, which is based on Tatsuki Endo's manga of the same name, aired a few episodes, but they were enough to impress the public. Just as it had happened since the first chapters of the manga, which had hit record views on Shonen Jump+, the anime also had the same effect, with the characters going viral. According to Loid and Anya introduced in the first episode, it is It took a short time to find the mother figure.

Yor is a woman who works in a shop and despite her age is the only one single, so it is considered too strange that she is not married. The truth is that Yor is a murderess and must keep her identity a secret. So she jumps at the opportunity to marry Loid so she can get cover for her second business. And in the middle of the winding streets of Ostania, the woman carries out her murders on assignment. Nekoneko makes a Beautiful but dangerous Yor cosplay wearing her assassin's clothes and weapons.

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