Last Friday, the writers and artists of the X-Men presented the covers of the numbers 3 to 11 of X of Swords, the crossover event that will start in September.

The cover of X of Swords: Stasis # 1 by artist Pepe Larraz, reveals a new group of enemies to face mutants, Arakko’s swordsman. The X of Swords narrative line will include all titles in the Dawn of X series, both in relation to the X-Men themselves and in relation to the Excalibur group.

The creative team responsible for writing the event is Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard, Gerry Duggan, Benjamin Percy, Ed Brisson, Zeb Wellis, Leah Williams and Vita Ayala. The artists involved, however, are Carmen Carnero, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Slva, Viktor Bogdanovic, Matteo Lolli, Mahmud Asrar, Phil Noto and Rod Reis.

As we mentioned in the opening article, Below you can see the many covers of Marvel Comics. In the past few days, the publisher of the House of Ideas has informed Newsorama’s microphones that some of the Dawn of X series titles have been canceled.

We know that for sure The editorial plans of the X-Men based on COVID-19 have been revised. Although some titles have been deleted – we don’t know which ones – there are others that were not intended and appear to be on the way. In this context, Marvel is expected to provide further information in the next few weeks.

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