The Gunjou ni Siren manga ends in August

Written in the latest chapter of the manga and illustrated by Mikan Momokuri, Gunjou ni siren, published on the website Shonen Jump Plus from the publisher ShueishaThe work in her next chapter has been announced to end on August 3rd.

Gunjou ni siren

Momokuri started publishing manga in the magazine You magazine by Shueisha in July 2015, but was later transferred to the Shonen Jump Plus website in 2018 after the magazine stopped publishing. The publisher published the eleventh volume on March 4.

Synopsis of Gunjou ni siren

Two boys, cousins, both left-handed and striving to become the best pitcher on their school's baseball team. One of them has already lost this position in primary school; and his cousin moved shortly thereafter, apparently without knowing that he was discouraging and defeating the person who introduced him to baseball.

But now Sora Yoshizawa is back and is still smiling innocently when she encourages Shuuji Yoshizawa to return to the game. Shuuji accepts, determined to defeat the guy who in his eyes took away the only thing that mattered to him.

Source: ANN

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