Attack on Titan is Hajime Isayama's masterpiece, and maybe even the only one. In fact, this work has shaped his entire career from the beginning, ever since he attempted to present those sides of death and destruction on Weekly Shonen Jump in the late 2000s. Our review of The Attack of the Giants underscores its importance.

However, as said in New York, Hajime Isayama is not working on anything else and it will be difficult to see a new manga from him, at least for now, considering that he has other projects to handle outside of the comic world. However, during the same interview at the New York Fair, The author of Attack of the Giants has revealed more information.

Hajime Isayama revealed this in a long conversation Attack of the Giants was originally going to be called "Humanity vs. Giants"., perhaps as too boring a name, and that's why we then moved on to the Japanese Shingeki no Kyojin. In addition, in the original intentions that Manga should be way more raw and gorywould then always have to be on the alert for a possible rejection.

So Attack of the Giants had to be a little different, although the end result certainly wasn't all smiles and roses given all the deaths that have accumulated throughout the story.

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