The ultimate death in Dragon Ball is now a memory. It used to be kept only for the bad guys, while the good guys have always managed to bring it back to life one way or another thanks to the Dragon Balls. Who knows best is krillin, one of the characters especially famous for his death, so that he often becomes a meme.

But How many times did Krillin die in the original Dragon Ball saga?? We keep track of all the times the character was killed in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and also take a look at the sequels and alternate timelines.

The first death in Krillin's history was at the end of the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament. When he picked up Goku's forgotten items at the tournament venue, Krillin was attacked by Tamburello, one of the first demons to be born from the Great Little Wizard. Tambourine killed him without too much trouble, but then the character came back to life at the end of the saga.

Krillin's second death is perhaps the most famous. During the Freeza Saga, where he risked abandoning his feathers several times due to the power of his opponents, he was hit by the galactic emperor who was believed dead after the action of the Genkidama. Freeza hit Krillin with a psychokinetic force that carried Erdmann up into the air first and then he blew it to pieces. The event sparked an anger in Goku, which then led to the transformation into Super Saiyan.

The third time and most recently in the Dragon Ball Z saga he saw Krillin dies through Majin Buu after the latter had managed to escape from the space of spirit and time. Again, he was later revived at the end of the saga with the Dragon Balls. This is the final death to be added to the main timeline of the original Dragon Ball story. The Future Trunks timeline, in which all the protagonists die, even Krillin, is also mentioned.

in the Dragon Ball Super Krillin has never died beforewhile he died twice more in Dragon Ball GT. The older Grounder was first killed by Super # 17 and brought back to life after the Evil Dragons were defeated. Krillin's latest death, which is also the last, is never shown in the anime. After the 100 years since Dragon Ball GT ended, in which we've seen an extremely aged pan, most of the Earth Z warriors we know have died of old age.

Waiting to see if the number of deaths increases in Dragon Ball Super, the one against the villain of Dragon Ball Z Freeza is certainly the most important and iconic.

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