There are a lot of differences between manga and anime. The paper is mainly in black and white, obviously has no noise or voices, but still guarantees depth and clarity. The animated counterpart has animations, synchronization and most importantly the music. This of course also applies to Naruto Shippuden, one of the most famous products of all time.

The anime, which makes up the second part of Naruto's story, has been broadcast by Japanese stations for several years and contains a very high number of episodes. But the music is also of a good number and, above all, of quality, which is characterized by the rock tones that flow into metal in certain phases, combined with typical Japanese sounds. In short, the Naruto Shippuden's music really made history and are especially popular as Yasuharu Takanashi's works completely replace the OSTs that Toshio Masuda created for Naruto years earlier.

But what are they five most beautiful music from Naruto Shippuden? Based on the three OST CDs that were made available by the production, we have selected these five pieces of music:

  • Shippuden;;
  • Lightning speed (Denkousekka);
  • Courtesy, weeping God (Girei);
  • Itachi Uchiha;
  • Waltz of wind and fire (Kaze to Honoo no Rondo).

Five very important OSTs and each with its own very important meaning. Shippuden is the first OST on the album and greets the adult ninja Speed โ€‹โ€‹of Light It is used in several fights such as the one between Sasuke and Deidara and during the fight with Obito Uchiha. On the OST 2 album there is Courtesy Crying God that accompanies all of Pain's appearances, while at the end we have two OSTs from the third album: Uchiha Itachi and waltz of wind and fire. The first needs no introduction, while the second brings to a close the epic Naruto-Sasuke clash that accompanies the final rush between Rasengan and Chidori.

Naruto Shippuden inevitably has tons of OSTs that deserve a mention. What are your favorites Meanwhile, we have also determined the 5 most beautiful openings of Naruto Shippuden as well as the 10 best endings of the anime.

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