My hero academia is a very popular work, one of the current pillars of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Over time, the series has also been enriched by a growing community, occasionally devoting itself to epic manifestations of creativity, the last of which comes from the scent of a painting.

Shortly before reaching the third century, My Hero Academia currently has 291 chapters and is in the middle of a heart-pounding saga that has finally revealed Dabi's true identity. This character in particular is highly valued by fans who have fascinated him again and again because of his mysterious aura since his debut in the League of Criminals. While you can find several cosplay and illustration images on the internet, some of them are nothing short of extraordinary.

The user Sofia_X_Samara actually dedicated an artist rendering to the character that you can admire with the taste of a real painting at the end of the news. In this context, the artist herself consciously inspired her creation to create a famous work by Pompeo Batonieasy to understand, "Cleopatra and Marco Antonio ". As you can see for yourself, the royal elements are dabi much like those of the Queen of Egypt on the deathbed of Octavian's beloved leader and rival, Marco Antonio.

The illustration has achieved considerable success with almost five thousand expressions of thanks. And you, what do you think of this artwork instead, do you like it? Let us know with a comment below.

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