In the 1980s, the Tetsuo Hara and Buronson duo gave birth to the child Ken the Warrior on Weekly Shonen Jump. From this story with pressure points, an anime was born that was exported around the world and immortalized the saga of the Hokuto warriors. From then on, the brand established itself through the creation of its own merchandising.

Many products have been born with this brand over the years, and one of the newest was Ken the Warrior's whiskey. But new themed merchandising is expected around the corner. Kaoru and Maruzeki, which specialize in perfumes and the latter in watches, have one special product inspired by the four brothers of Hokuto We met in Ken the Warrior.

As can be seen in the photo below shared by Comic Natalie, there will be one blue watch for Kenshiro, red for Raoul, green for Toki and black for Jagi, and each has its own scent, like that of Matcha for Toki and red camellia for Raoul. The price for the watch box is 4840 yen including taxes, which corresponds to around 38 euros at today's exchange rate.

Did you know that Kenshiro's famous "You're Already Dead" spawned the Japanese hit Rat-tat-tat?

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