The brutal paranormal war of liberation has devastating consequences for the entire universe of My hero academianot only in relation to the collapse of the figure of Endeavor, symbol of the heroic society destroyed by the words of Dabi, but above all in relation to the conditions of numerous heroes after the violent clash.

Although the villain also suffered heavy losses, they did not hesitate to launch the next attack immediately. All For One managed to escape from the maximum security prison in Tartarus Manipulating the body Tomura Shigaraki, and together with him they managed to escape other rather dangerous characters, such as Overhaul. The FΓΌhrer’s plans seem to point in one direction, to reorganize the formation of the Union and to free some of the old members from the other prisons.

As the villains try to gain an advantage, we see the heroes completely overwhelmed by the consequences of the conflict. Endeavor and Hawks are still recovering, Bakugo and Todoroki appear to have woken up despite Shoto inflicting both psychological and physical damage. Attention then shifts to Midoriya, who has not yet regained consciousness after the excessive exertion during the direct confrontation with Shigaraki.

Above all, having exhausted Deku was the comparison with All For Onewho attempted to take possession of the powers of his Quirk, an attempt that was interrupted by the intervention of the previous owners of the One For All who rushed to Deku's defense. While this is nothing new in the world of Shonen, a short break for the protagonistIn the world created by Horikoshi, this could take on a different meaning as some fans thought.

In fact, several fans recently came up with the idea that this moment of transition and non-progression of Deku's character is actually a way to justify his "metamorphosis" which, perhaps immediately after awakening, still lets him still more experienced in using not just One For All but all of the inherited quirks also from previous heroes who used it, who showed their confidence in the potential of the young student of the yuei.

Recall that Horikoshi paid homage to the Mandalorian with an Easter egg, and we'll leave you to the theories and predictions of chapter 299.

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