The Straw Hat crew captain made a name for himself fighting Arlong's crew. After Nami's release and the official formation of its fifth member, Monkey D. Luffy received his first 30 million berry bounty. From then on it was one continuous growth during ONE PIECE.

The number has grown by adding zeros to zeros throughout the various manga and anime sagas, and right now, Luffy's head is worth a good 1.5 billion berries. A sum that exceeds that of the emperors' first admirals. But a how much Luffy's bounty will be at the end of ONE PIECE?

Also, given the presence in Wanokuni of X-Drake, who can judge the strength of the entire alliance Luffy leads, Onigashima will inevitably be a crucial point in determining Luffy's next greatness. Considering he's facing two emperors, two heavyweights Kaido and Big Mom, a win against them would have a bounty of at least 4 billion berries. Not having ten years of power or the territory of the two emperors at their disposal, Luffy may not get her worth in the eyes of the Navywhich also takes into account the danger of pirates.

After Onigashima, however, it is the turn of ONE PIECE's last arc, which leads directly to Laugh Tale and the discovery of the coveted treasure. With Roger valued at 5,564,800,000, the advent of the new pirate king could result in Luffy getting a similar value. At the end of ONE PIECE, Luffy's bounty could be oscillate between 5.5 and 6 billion berriesand thus becomes the most dangerous man for the navy of all seas. And in your opinion, the number will reach that instead Worth of Luffy at the end of the story? And have you ever wondered what the size of Luffy and his companions is in euros?

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