The episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins: The Judgment of the Dragon, 24 in total, will finally close the story of the Deadly Sins. That means with this season's anime, we'll be welcoming Meliodas and Elizabeth, as well as all of the characters who have accompanied us over the years. And among whom we will greet, it will also be the sorceress Merlin.

Merlin's history is long and continues to be explored, but in the meantime it is presented as the sinner of throat the group of the seven deadly sins. She was the last but one to show up just before Escanor, and she is a very skilled sorceress with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Her slim figure has cast so many spells that have disturbed various enemies of The seven deadly sins.

While we wait to know what role she will play in the original film The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light, we can see her again in real life thanks to cosplayer Glory Lamothe, pictured in the photo below. That captivates Merlin Cosplay from The Seven Deadly Sins It incorporates all the features of the sorceress' first dress, which consists of a fluttering cloak and very short shorts, while immediately noticing the tattoo of the boar's sin in red on the left side of the neck.

Glory Lamothe succeeded Enchant Merlin in this cosplay?

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