Tomura Shigaraki fights in the flying arena, but without too much trouble. Although the heroes set a trap for it, All for One's new container serves its purpose without any problems. Only the Return of the protagonist from My Hero Academia throws the super villain into a crisis. So All for One starts its call for help.

This has come to a now deeply changed weirdo who - albeit not with much brains - leads a very large army of mutants, accompanied by other leaders filled with anger and hatred towards humans. Thus, a war within a war took place in My Hero Academia, resulting in Spinner being sent to the hospital where Kurogiri is still imprisoned and unable to move. However, Present Mic's intervention complicates everything.

My Hero Academia 374 shows the awakening of Kurogiri or Shirakumo. You can't change the scene after the last page, which will be an important part for this fight. The way the character awakens is very ambiguous as he uses terms used by Shirakumo in the past and a much more visible eye than usual is seen, but still what he says seems to apply to Kurogiri's desires.

It is possible that there is one internally Battle between Shirakumo and Kurogiri, where only one of the two can win. This mental clash could, on the one hand, lead to a big step forward for the villains, who could all come together and corner the heroes; on the other hand, to consolidate a position that the protagonists have fought so hard for.

My Hero Academia 374 will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday November 27th 2022.

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