A few months ago, the saga of the Cerelean survivor ended. Toyotaro has expanded the world of once again Dragon Ball great Introducing new planets and never-before-seen enemies, more transformations, Dragon Balls and bringing back well-known characters and unknown story snippets. But now it's over, with another saga beginning in December.

This time it won't be Goku and Vegeta who will be on hiatus, but two characters who have returned on the occasion of Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes, the film in the series, recently hit Japanese cinemas. And they do it in a completely different way, as the new character designs of Goten and Trunks show them more mature. As already revealed, they will be the protagonists of the next Dragon Ball Super saga.

The two become heroes and therefore mainly move around the planet Earth. While Goku and Vegeta are gone, there are no galactic threats to eliminate, but we still mustn't let go of our vigilance. What will be the main narrative points of the next manga saga?? Surely everything related to the growth of Goten and Trunks will take center stage. The two young Saiyans will also interact a lot with Piccolo and Gohan, but they will be the cornerstone of the arc. This it might even be much shorter than usualHints at the return of the Red Bond and little more to create a more peaceful moment in the manga, expanding its universe and bringing back certain characters.

Definitely, With Goten and Trunks in the lead roles, there's a lot of potentialas the two will have to use the next few chapters as a stepping stone to becoming important in future clashes that will feature powerful characters like Black Frieza.

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