Luffy and his friends have arrived on Egghead, an island never mentioned before ONE PIECE. The New World continues to reveal itself full of surprises, and these will not end until the end of the story. And Vegapunk is making revelations given its history of the giant robot.

However, the brilliant scientist has some not inconsiderable problems to solve. While the protagonists of ONE PIECE listened Vegapunk and Shaka revelations, CP0 has arrived at Egghead. The group, led by Rob Lucci, has a very specific task, but it seems they can't accomplish it as easily as they thought. Especially considering that his main enemy is on the island.

In ONE PIECE 1068 there will be a new meeting between Lucci and Luffy? A rematch wouldn't be impossible given they're only yards apart, but it doesn't seem the freshest way to go. Surely the Mugiwara has to defend the scientist, even considering Vegapunk asked Luffy to make him escape. There is therefore a possibility that in the next few chapters the saga will end with the number 1068, which takes an important step in this direction and then brings the Mugiwara to Elbaf.

ONE PIECE 1068 will be released on Sunday 4th December on MangsPlus.

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