With the recent debut of the anime adaptation, the Chainsaw Man manga has set an incredible record. Tatsuki Fujimoto's series is currently the most popular and fans often argue about their favorite character. Among all, one seems to be the target of criticism from a certain category.

According to a recent poll on a popular Japanese forum Himeno is the most hated protagonist of all Shonen work. Devil Hunter, Aki Hayakawa's regular partner, was found particularly hated by Japanese women. What stands out among the negative comments is that Himeno looks like a man even in the anime, huh She is a terrible person for offering herself to Denjiwhom he offers a kiss as a reward in Chainsaw Man 1x05 and who is charmless and biteless.

Himeno is the underdog of the fan community chainsaw man, but behind him there is another female protagonist. The second most hated seems to be according to the Yaraon portal poll Makima. The author Fujimoto comes in surprising fourth place perfomance instead it is in the ninth position. And do you agree with this poll? Let us know the name of your Misfit Chainsaw Man character in the comments box below.

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