A few moments after the end of the fraternal fight between Shoto and Dabi, in the War ofFinal Act of My Hero Academia a new one lights up. This time, the team is challenged between the two best heroes in Japanese society and the evil spirit that has always tried to overthrow the world at their feet.

Since his very first appearances All For One has always had an air of invincibility about it due to his constant display of the infinite number of quirks he possesses. However, the unbeatable Symbol of Fear also seems to have a weakness.

Subsequent tofinal battle with All Might, All For One sustained very serious injuries on top of those at their previous meeting. In Tartarus, the place of his imprisonment, he was kept alive thanks to life support. But now that it's free, how has it replaced that essential machinery to perform vital functions?

In a very brief flashback to the days leading up to the war, Hawks ponders the next battle he faces. Analysis of the situation that Number Two discovers All For One's weakness. If the Symbol of Fear can still survive, it's only thanks to his new helmet, outfitted with life-saving gear. Hitting him at that precise point should cause the helmet to disintegrate, with dire consequences for the villain.

However, it is not easy to meet All For One. First, in My Hero Academia 354, the villain feels the weakness of Hawk's wings. As if that wasn't enough, revealing the truth about Toya Todoroki's body causes a psychological debacle in Number One of My Hero Academia. But Hawks' intuition will prove to be really successful, or All For One is there another evasion hiding?

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