Dragon Ball Super: a 2020 collection will bring shoes dedicated to Goku, Beerus and others

The world of Dragon Ball is particularly famous and over the years we have seen different dedicated merchandising born. And not only in Japan, but also for example in Italy where for certain periods the children went to school with racks or rucksacks dedicated to Goku and companions. Even today this production continues with Dragon Ball Super.

The anime of Dragon Ball Super added several characters to the Toriyama saga, or modified and updated existing ones. For this reason, the production of products with the face of Goku continues and in Japan these gadgets continue to go strong. For this one has been confirmed new partnership between Dragon Ball Super and Anta, a shoe brand that will present a new 2020 collection.

As discovered by Ken Xyro, who reported all the images of these new sneakers on his Twitter account, there will be four Dragon Ball Super characters who will receive their own dedicated shoes. The first is of course Goku, followed by Trunks of the Future, Small and the God of Destruction Beerus. At the bottom of the news you can watch the tweets with the photos in question and admire the coloring and details chosen for each character.

Dragon Ball Super themed Banpresto action figures also continue production, while fans wonder about a Future Trunks issue.

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