For some time now we have been studying Ultra Instinct, a divine matrix technique that very few think of using. It never appeared in Dragon Ball, only during the Tournament of Power there was an opportunity to develop it. And using it was the protagonist of all time, Son Goku.

Meanwhile, Goku's evolution has settled on these divine planes and it is practice, in the various clashes of the manga, See Goku Ultra Instinct in action. Super Saiyan Blue and other versions of Super Saiyan are therefore becoming more and more of a memory. But there is a new transformation that has recently taken hold and is related to another character.

In the movie Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, which has now run its course in Japan and will soon be launched in all international markets, Gohan Beast, the new transformation of the Saiyan medium, was presented. The superhero of the moment joins his father, the hero of all time, in this fan art created by Spmjg8 and uploaded to Twitter.

Featuring Goku Ultra Instinct and Gohan Beast, the illustration exudes energy and powerwith father and son side by side, both with white hair of their respective transformations and with flashes of colored auras around them in superb scenic effect.

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