The debut ofanimated adaptation of Chainsaw Man introduced the viewers to Denji and Pochita. After this initial phase, which led to the protagonist's second birth, his companions Aki and Power were then introduced, who form the Public Security's craziest Devil Hunter team under the command of Makima.

In Chainsaw Man 1x04, studio MAPPA outdid themselves by putting all their resources into it. Anyway, in the episode, Denji manages to save Power and his friend Nyako from the devil bat's clutches. However, before the protagonist can claim their reward, a new devil appears in search of blood. TO Aki Hayakawa saves Denji, Power, and Nyako from the Leech Devilrevealing his association with the devil fox.

Back home and healed from the injuries they sustained during the fight, Aki and Denji can continue their life as roommates. Even during a fight, the situation at home comes to a head when Electricity knocks on the door. The girl also has to share Hayakawa's house.

Despite the protests Makima entrusts Denji and Power with Aki's supervision, who therefore feels compelled to share a house with them. Keeping them in check is an impossible task, however, as the Force in particular is proving impossible to check.

Power refuses to wash and reveals that she only occasionally takes care of her hygiene, eating food, throwing away a plate of vegetables and clogging the toilet at home. This coexistence will prove very difficult for everyone, with Power, however, who wins the award for the worst possible roommate. However, in the eyes of the protagonist, Power is an angel. In Chainsaw Man 1x04, Denji collects his prize.

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