Black Clover's final arc pushes the manga's sales to new heights. As Yuki Tabata and Shueisha enjoy the success of their work, Asta learns a bitter truth stodgy.

In Black Clover 341, after training on the Zetten given to some of the Seven Ryuzen of the Land of the Sun, Asta has a late-night conversation with Ichika, the younger sister of Black Bull captain Yami Sukehiro. However, their comparison leads the protagonist to discover a dark past.

In Chapter 342 of Black Clover, Ichika explains that CIan Yami descends from a group of famous and amazing assassins known as "Kijin" and that her father was violent. It is also explained that Sukehiro and Ichika's mother died to give birth to the latter.

Despite their father's oppression, the two Yami brothers had a good relationship when they were little, with the eldest protecting their little sister. However, at the age of 13 one day Yami slaughtered his entire clanand then run away.

Asta is incredulous to hear this story and does not accept this truth told by Ichika. Still trusting his captain, he is challenged to a moral confrontation by the girl, who angrily covers herself in shadow armor.

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