The characters of the anime by chainsaw man they gradually conquer all audiences of the opera. While the early episodes focused on the protagonist Denji, the insane Majin Power, and the mysterious Makima, Chainsaw Man 1x04 had plenty of room for Aki Hayakawa.

The poor guy was forced through Makima stay at his house Denji and power, giving the Felhunter a lot of headaches. The two are real disasters indeed, and keeping them in check is a really difficult task, especially when it will also be necessary to make them work together in combat.

In spite of all, Aki Hayakawa he wasn't upset, and he also had time to calmly prepare for the day. MAP study In fact, in Chainsaw Man 1x04, he showed every moment of Hayakawa's morning routine in a sequence that enthralled fans' eyes.

Fans who have via Twitter triggered reactions to Aki's morning routine. @asakurakii defines Hayakawa's animated sequence as really important, while @hourly_aki enthusiastically advises watching the felhunter in his simple, everyday actions.

At the bottom of this message is a summary of reactions to Aki Hayakawa's morning routine awaiting the next episode of the series. Just remember that this sequence even stole the scene from Aki's fight with the Leech Devil in Chainsaw Man 1x04, reaching sky-high spikes in the animations.

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