L'Final Act of My Hero Academia has shone a spotlight on an issue that also affects the real world. The mutants who have been bullied by the racist part of hero society throughout the story are looking for revenge.

In an attempt to free Kurogiri, All For One hired thousands of mutants, leading them to believe that this fight was to regain their rights. The leader of this "army" is Spinner, who was subsequently given new powers he's completely lost his mind. My Hero Academia's villain might have been counting the hours accurately because he received these abilities as a gift from the symbol of fear.

In My Hero Acadmeia 370, the confrontation between Spinner and Shoji began, which also continues in the next chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen work. However, the lizard villain has them completely confused mind and he can think of nothing but his boss's orders. The only memory that still floats through him is the face of Shigaraki, with whom he used to talk about video games.

During the fight, Spinner unleashes a new Quirk that covers his body in defensive scales. Shoji is wounded and seems unable to defeat the enemy, but his willpower is strong. After saying the sad story of his lifeAlong with Koda, he restarts the attack of the antagonists.

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