Unemployed reincarnation is one of the most interesting titles of the season, a series that, according to the intentions of employees, could become like Sword Art Online. Outside of Japan, however, the work receives conflicting opinions, thanks in particular to the content it classified as "too extreme".

The explicit content has already sparked some controversy in China, a phenomenon that has now spread to America, where the publisher is Seven Seas Entertainment was inundated with criticism from the community. In fact, the publisher would have left out entire dialogues from the original Japanese novel or changed them directly. Readers complained that the changes made it difficult to understand what was going on in the story, which forced the publisher to reprint the controversial volumes.

In addition, lines or lines of dialogue are completely missing in some sections of the novel partial rewriting of the text. A scene in which the protagonist groped Rudeus Eris' breasts, in which he also tried to take off her panties while she was sleeping, for example, was replaced by the protagonist trying to fix her blouse to keep her from falling caught a cold.

References to "violations" have also been omitted. The case of Lilia's past, in which the woman tells Rudeus about her sex life with Paul, is emblematic. The girl referred to her past and pointed to phenomena of "Rape and adultery", censored by the publisher as anonymous"unfaithful and adulterous". Other scenes that have always been viewed as violent in relation to Paul and Lilia's relationship have instead been completely omitted. Seven Seas Entertainment's answer here is:

""The localization process, especially for novels, includes several processing steps after receiving the raw translation, so that the translation with Japanese is not a 1: 1 process. Our goal is to provide accurate translations that reflect the author's intent. offers working and fun commercial versions. As for Mushoku Tensei, we are currently re-evaluating our editorial decisions and will be making adjustments soon if deemed necessary. "

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