On the occasion of Hinata's birthday in episode 180 of the anime by Boruto: Naruto the next generations Himawari gives her a special gift. Let's find out the background of this object and the reason why it is considered so special in the Uzumaki house.

At the beginning of the episode, Himawari paints a vase to make it as beautiful as possible. When her brother Boruto, who forgot the important event, tries to ask her what she is doing, he is immediately released. Later the protagonist tries to work a Correct his mistake tries to buy flowers but ends up spending all of his savings to pay off Mugino's debts.

Suddenly, however, a young boy leaves Mugino some flowers as a gift, who returns the favor by giving them to the young ninja. At home, Boruto places the bouquet in Himawari's vase. For Hinata that It's the perfect giftHe not only represents his daughter's ambition and innocence, but also the warmth, kindness and compassion of Boruto and Mugino.

A gesture that indicates Boruto and Himawari are traveling the same loving way taken over by her parents. Let's find out which chakra element Kawaki is related to in Boruto. Key pictures and first details about Boruto's Kashin Koji and Akita Inuzuka were revealed.

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