Currently the anime by Black clover is in a long pause, a decision by the Pierrot studio not to influence Filler episodes and to respect the ideas of the mangaka Yuki Tabata. Episode 170 was made like the end of the story, however, and seems to have particularly impressed the Asta voice actor.

The twenty-six year old Gakuto Kajiwarawho has always loved anime and manga, owes a lot to the protagonist as it was the role that fueled his career as a professional voice actor and also gave him the opportunity to voice Shinra Kusakabe, the main character of Fire Force. Even though the Black Clover anime will continue as soon as there is enough material to customize In episodes, the breakup with Asta and the final days of recording meant a lot to Kajiwara, as he stated in the panel dedicated to the series during the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021.

β€œI remember the night we recorded the last episode. The day it was released I could see it live. I was home alone, it was evening, and I watched it all the way through. As the scenes continued, I tried to remember what happened during the recording. " So Kajiwara started telling his experiences with the episode before focusing on the most intense moment of the episode: β€œBut in the last part, if with a flashback shows all the monsters that Asta. facing, and the friends he also fought with ... playing that role was ... how should I put that? He fought many enemies and managed to ... defeat them. That's how he managed to be stronger and become the person he is. "

Kajiwara also wanted to underline his deep connection with the character of Asta by specifying: β€œWe recorded 170 episodes and my career began and grew as I worked on this series. I think so for that my own feelings can be linked to those of the protagonist.β€œFinally, by admitting that he cried towards the end of the episode.

Keep in mind that Noelle Silva was honored with a lovely cosplay, and we'll leave it to the images and spoilers of Chapter 302 of Black Clover.

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