Submitted to Bleach, Mangaka Tite Kubo took some time to recover from weekly and ongoing serialization over 14 years. The reputation of the Shueisha was not long in coming, however, and the author is back with the oneshot of Burn the Witch, an initially without a follow-up project that projected us onto new storylines.

We got to know two new protagonists, Noel and Ninny, two witches operating in Reverse London fighting dragons. There are plenty of references to Bleach, which is a spin-off from, including Hado and similar schemes. The adventures of the two witches were then expanded to include an entire volume dedicated to them, with which we could get to know them better.

Ninny is a star in the human world, volcanic and active, while Noel is a taciturn girl who caught the young Virgo’s attention. Thanks to Cosplay on the theme of Burning the Witch Made by Takamina Libra and Uru04, we can see the two protagonists witches in action on several photos.

Below is the post with the Ninny and Noel cosplay perfectly reproduced by Asian cosplayers who paid special attention to wigs, facial expressions and even the uniforms between the jacket and the green skirt and the red cape. The girls will return in the second season of Burn the Witch, previously announced by Weekly Shonen Jump.

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