there Naruto's history is long and has evolved over several years, over a decade. Both Masashi Kishimoto's manga production on Weekly Shonen Jump and Studio Pierrot's for the two souls took a long time. Unsurprisingly, Naruto is one of the longest running anime in recent years.

The first phase of the anime, which is simply called "Naruto" like the manga, skipped the story from the beginning of ninja training and the Zabuza saga to the first time, although there have been many fillers over time. . What if you wanted to see it all? How many hours does it take to watch the first Naruto series??

Each episode has a nominal duration of 23 minutes, while the series comprises a total of 220 episodes, including the many fillers. From here the math is straightforward and gives 5060 minutes which can be translated into 84.3 hours and, in turn, can be expressed in just over 3.5 days. It is therefore necessary half a week to enjoy all of Naruto with a strict non-stop sightseeing.

And instead How long does it take to see Naruto with no fillers?? The number is similar, but this time the episodes drop from 220 to 132. The number would drop to 3036 minutes, which is 50 hours, which is a little over two days. While binge watching isn't possible, it probably wouldn't be healthy to try.

Naruto episodes are available on Crunchyroll, which downloads the various episodes season by season.

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